Insurers spend precious development resources struggling to take advantage of insurance data.

In insurance (and everywhere else), data drives decision making. Making the right decision, writing the best policies, depends on that data being complete and accurate. Unfortunately, properly utilizing insurance data is full of pitfalls.

  • Is the data accurate?
  • Is the data presented where I need it?
  • Is the data available when I need it?
  • Are we even talking about the right property?

Ping Data solves many of these challenges.

Ping Data powers the data needs of our SOV Fixer but can also be used as a standalone service offering. It is a one-stop shop, a single API endpoint (docs) integrating data from dozens of third-party sources with our Ping Geocoding service, which leverages multiple geocoders to help you reliably identify the correct property.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce data costs
    • Eliminate duplicate data purchases
    • Eliminate data purchases for properties that don't exist
    • Eliminate data purchases for properties that are not in your target area or don't match your criteria
    • Support for thresholds, rules, quotas, and prioritization of important properties
  • Reduce development costs
    • Use a unified bulk or API source for all data
    • Simplify integration with normalized attribute naming across data sources
    • Automatically speed up data requests: Ping's proprietary parallelized approach maximizes performance
    • Access new data sources as they become available with minimal development
  • Increase data quality
    • Leverage carefully researched approaches to geocoding, data collection, and data aggregation. Ping has researched, studied, and compared data results at scale to deliver the best possible approach to assembling data on an address.